An Open Letter to the Biden Administration: It’s Time to Lean In to the “Open Borders” Accusations

“C’mon President Biden, let’s stare down the real crisis on the border, the crisis of imagination. It is possible to do things another way.”

I know everyone is accusing you of maintaining open borders. Many of the accusers are the usual suspects: Texas governor Greg AbbottThe Federalist, Fox News. Senator Ron Johnson got more dramatic and said you are “throwing open” the U.S. borders. And Border Chronicle antagonist and Fox News reporter Bill Melugin recently tweeted a video of a small group of men struggling along the edge of the Rio Grande with some coiling razor wire. Stephen Miller, immigration adviser to Donald Trump, quoted the tweet and shouted (as you only can on Twitter) that this is an example of “completely open borders.”

Read the rest here at The Border Chronicle.

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