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Volunteers Convicted for Leaving Water Out for Migrants

TUCSON, ARIZ.—In a crowded courtroom January 15, defense lawyer Chris Dupont asked Michael West, a U.S. Fish and Wildlife officer at the Cabeza Prieta National Wildlife Refuge in the Arizona desert, if he was aware that border crossers were dying in the refuge. Had he found bodies himself? “Yes,” West affirmed. Pressed for an exact …

The Climate Wall: Q&A With Todd Miller, by Will Meyer

“Despite the 35-day partial government shutdown, President Trump is still dead-set on his border wall—and he hasn’t ruled out declaring a national emergency to fund it. In such a scenario, the White House has suggested it would divert money from disaster funds intended to help rebuild places like Puerto Rico, which have faced “natural” disasters …

One Planet: Climate change, migration, and border militarization

An hour long in depth conversation I did with Rose Aguilar at KALW in San Francisco. “On this edition of Your Call’s One Planet series, journalist Todd Miller will discuss his book, Storming the Wall: Climate Change, Migration, and Homeland Security. According to the Internal Displacement Monitoring Centre, a person is more likely to be …

Empire of Borders


The United States is outsourcing its border patrol abroad–and essentially expanding its borders in the process.

The twenty-first century has been an era of hardening borders—increased borderland patrols, surveillance and militarization are widening the chasm between those who can vacation (or do business) where they please, and others whose movements are restricted by armed guards. But as journalist Todd Miller finds in Empire of Borders, the US border is also becoming increasingly fluid, expanding thousands of miles outside of US territory often to protect Washington’s interests.

In places like Argentina, Kosovo, Honduras, Jordan and Afghanistan, US border patrol works alongside local agents to block migrants, terrorists, drug runners and smugglers from ever approaching the US. Empire of Borders traces the rise of this border regime, along with practices of “extreme vetting” and the vast global industry for border and homeland security. But in visiting the Jordan/Syria border, as well as Puerto Rico, Guatemala, Kenya, Palestine, Mexico and the Philippines, Miller finds instead a global war against the poor.

Storming the Wall

Recipient of the 2018 Izzy Award for excellence in investigative journalism.

“Every so often a book comes along that can dramatically change, or elevate, one’s thinking about a global problem. Much like Naomi Klein’s books, Todd Miller’s Storming the Wall is such a book and deserves far more attention and discussion.”––Izzy Award Judges, Ithaca College

Description from the back cover:

In Storming the Wall, Todd Miller travels around the world to connect the dots between climate-ravaged communities, the corporations cashing in on border militarization, and emerging movements for sustainability and environmental justice. Reporting from the flashpoints of climate clashes, and from likely sites of futures battles, Miller chronicles a growing system of militarized divisions between the rich and the poor, the environmentally secure and the environmentally exposed. Kirkus Reviews called it “A galvanizing forecast of global warming’s endgame and a powerful indictment of America’s current stance.”


Border Patrol Nation

“Scathing and deeply reported . . . quite possibly the right book at the right time”—Los Angeles Times

Description from the back cover:

In fast-paced prose, Miller sounds an alarm as he chronicles the changing landscape. Travelling the country—and beyond—to speak with the people most involved with and impacted by the Border Patrol, he combines these first-hand encounters with careful research to expose a vast and booming industry for high-end technology, weapons, surveillance, and prisons. While politicians and corporations reap substantial profits, the experiences of millions of men, women, and children point to staggering humanitarian consequences. Border Patrol Nation shows us in stark relief how the entire country has become a militarized border zone, with consequences that affect us all.


Todd Miller has researched and written about border issues for more than 15 years, the last eight as an independent journalist and writer. He resides in Tucson, Arizona, but also has spent many years living and working in Oaxaca, Mexico. His work has appeared in the New York Times, TomDispatch, The Nation, San Francisco Chronicle, In These Times, Guernica, and Al Jazeera English, among other places.

Miller has authored three books: The forthcoming Empire of Borders: The Expansion of the U.S. Border Around the World (Verso, 2019),  Storming the Wall: Climate Change, Migration, and Homeland Security (City Lights, 2017), and Border Patrol Nation: Dispatches from the Front Lines of Homeland Security (City Lights, 2014).

He’s a contributing editor on border and immigration issues for NACLA Report on the Americas and its column “Border Wars”.